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  • Stewart Parker’s play, Spokesong; songs and excerpts from of the play with live musical accompaniment will be performed at St Anne’s Park starting at the Convention Centre Dublin and joining the Velo-city delegates for the Velo-city Bike Parade on June 26th. The award-winning play, which is centered around a bike shop, is a celebration of the history of the bike as a democratic force. Actors will make the journey to the the performance on a tandem bike and on a mobile stage towed by a bicycle!



Martha Breen

Karen McCartney

Shane O’Regan


Pianist and Musical Director Helene Montague


Costume Design Iseult Deane

Directed by Lynne Parker

Produced by Donna Cooney

Production Stage Manager Cian Mulhal

Sound Benny Lynch

Commissioned by Dublin City Council Arts Office for Dublin  Velo-city 2019

Supported by Rough Magic Theatre Company.

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